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Trump Jr.’s claims about school choice are hogwash

Donald Trump Jr. had this to say about education in his speech at the RNC in Cleveland last night: “You know why other countries do better on K through 12? They let parents choose where to send their own children … Continue reading

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If all innovations in education are social innovations, is there any such thing as a social innovation in education?

I’m involved in a European project that has to do with integrating social innovation in higher education so that learners understand how innovations can be made to benefit society (the website is forthcoming). Obviously, one of the things I’ve needed … Continue reading

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Metaphors and technological change: A double-edged sword

A smartwatch is not a watch, no more than a smartphone is a phone. Both are sophisticated computerized networking and sensing devices that we carry either in our pocket or on our wrist. When we talk about these devices we … Continue reading

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Is technological change really accelerating? Depends – real or perceived change?

I’ve just come across this rather dated blog post (from 2006) by Tom Coates in which he is lambasting people for “rhetoric of endless insane change at a ludicrous rate.” The point he wants to make is that the changes … Continue reading

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Are information and communication technologies necessary in education?

I was giving a talk yesterday to board members of a Nordic teachers’ organizations’ network. In the end I was asked if information and communication technologies (ICTs) are necessary in education. I didn’t have much time to give an elaborate … Continue reading

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Arthur M. Harkins, Ph.D., Futurist: In memory of a dear friend and mentor

I learned this morning that my dear friend and mentor, Arthur Harkins, passed away yesterday. As a well-known futurist, commentator and professor, Art had the opportunity to touch a lot of people’s lives. Art was one of those natural born … Continue reading

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