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Arthur M. Harkins, Ph.D., Futurist: In memory of a dear friend and mentor

I learned this morning that my dear friend and mentor, Arthur Harkins, passed away yesterday. As a well-known futurist, commentator and professor, Art had the opportunity to touch a lot of people’s lives. Art was one of those natural born … Continue reading

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Affordances, education and future technologies

People working in education are increasingly being urged to think ahead and consider how emerging and future technologies will affect education to better align educational practice, goals and policy with ongoing technological development. It should come as no surprise that … Continue reading

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‘Big Picture’ Innovation in Education

The following is an article that I started to write several years ago and just now rediscovered while working on something else. I guess I intended to write more about ‘big picture’ innovation in education but only got as far … Continue reading

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Is flipped learning the future for education or just a regurgitation of the past?

I’ve just read a thought provoking paper about flipped learning that Jon Baggaley has newly published. In his reflection piece, Baggaley criticises flipped learning proponents’ claims that they have developed a novel educational philosophy, approach, or whatever they want to call it. … Continue reading

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Types of social media: My framework

For several years, I have been using a framework for classification of types of social media that I have attributed to boyd & Ellison, 2007. I first used the framework in a seminar that I taught at the University of … Continue reading

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A wise and timeless parable from Seymour Papert

I had the opportunity to refer to this in a recent conversation. I’m just going to leave it here for now. Imagine a country that has a highly developed culture: poetry, philosophy, science, mathematics, but nobody has yet learned to write; it … Continue reading

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