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Affordances, education and future technologies

I see on my stats that this article is starting to get a lot of hits. This is part of a work in progress. My thoughts on affordances are evolving as I continue to explore the topic. A couple of things are … Continue reading

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‘Big Picture’ Innovation in Education

The following is an article that I started to write several years ago and just now rediscovered while working on something else. I guess I intended to write more about ‘big picture’ innovation in education but only got as far … Continue reading

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Is flipped learning the future for education or just a regurgitation of the past?

I’ve just read a thought provoking paper about flipped learning that Jon Baggaley has newly published. In his reflection piece, Baggaley criticises flipped learning proponents’ claims that they have developed a novel educational philosophy, approach, or whatever they want to call it. … Continue reading

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A wise and timeless parable from Seymour Papert

I had the opportunity to refer to this in a recent conversation. I’m just going to leave it here for now. Imagine a country that has a highly developed culture: poetry, philosophy, science, mathematics, but nobody has yet learned to write; it … Continue reading

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Who said, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”?

This is arguably one of the most referenced Dewey quotes about education on the Internet, as well as in various other places. It’s an interesting and thought provoking statement that seems relevant to contemporary discourse. Remarkable that Dewey would have … Continue reading

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Hypothetica does foresight – an illustrative hypothetical case of CHAT analysis

This is part two of a two-part article. See part one, Technology foresight and organizational change: A CHAT perspective, here. For the sake of illustration, let’s consider what the application of Engeström’s extended CHAT framework to a technology foresight program (TFP) … Continue reading

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