Augmented reality in education: A discussion long overdue

pokemongoThe recent Pokémon Go rage has brought a lot of attention to the possibilities for using augmented reality (AR) in teaching and learning. This is great and very welcome. AR has a lot of obvious potential for enhancing teaching and learning, and not only that, I think AR can have a transformative impact as well. But, for that to happen educators need to really dig into this technology and explore it from various perspectives.

This is a discussion that we could have started long ago. AR has been one of the most obviously predictable technological developments since smartphone technology really got going, first with the iPhone and then Google’s Android phones.

I first started exploring the possibilities of AR in education when I got my first smartphone in the late 00s. I think that my thoughts from then are still very relevant and could be helpful for the discussion that now seems to be emerging. So, here below are links to some of my articles from back then. I would especially like to see more discussion around the AR and “functional realities” theme:

Augmented reality and education
Prezi on AR in education
Learning in augmented reality: Extending functional realities
Shhh… My environment is talking to me

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